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Raising the Anchor

Posted on Sun Jan 14th, 2024 @ 10:35am by Captain Grace Stark & Cadet Senior Grade Donto Ros & Captain Erich Von Klinkerhoffen

1,536 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: 1 - Cruising through the galaxy
Location: Deck 1 - Main Bridge

Grace's fingers drummed on the armrests of her beige chair which was in the middle of the bustling command centre, cadets glowed with excitement mixed with stress while the more senior members of Starfleet, the instructors were just glad to be away from Earth, away from the never-ending reports of the Dominion.

Ros was dancing around the bridge leaning over the shoulders of people at their stations, his shoulder-length sleek black hair tied up in a man bun, he was stressed he trained to be in command & control but had no plans of actually working. His duty as the XO was to make sure all departments were ready to depart in a few seconds.

The Andorian Flight Control officer looked up as Ross's shadow passed behind him. He turned his gaze away from the console and viewscreen in front of him, to the XO just behind his left shoulder. With something between a smile and a smirk, he said. "I've got this under control. It's going to be fine. Just relax."

"I'll relax when I'm dead," Ross whispered back to the Andorian Officer in training. He quickly glanced over the Ops console before heading towards the tactical station for what felt like the 100th time. "Thank you Mr Rouen," He said struggling to speak the French surname in Federation Standard. "Please assist the helm with flagging ships in our flight path once we depart." There was a little voice in the back of his head, someone from the Bajoran Rebellion days, who always used to tell him. "Peace is a lie, vigilance is a truth."

René was reviewing his work over the last two days. The ship had a full complement of photon torpedoes, phaser banks were all showing in the green, and, most importantly, the targeting system was showing no discrepancies. He glanced over his shoulder as Ros made his rounds and got to his station. "All tactical systems working at optimal effectiveness and efficiency sir."

Ren rolled his eyes as he turned back to his duty station, his antennae flicking back and forth, but he restrained himself, at least for the moment, of saying anything further.

Aenardha was at the Ops station. Suddenly and with no warning at all, her supervisor, Naltar Jerane, was recalled for another assignment. She had no experience in actually leading a department and really had no desire to, but she was all that Ops had at the moment in terms of a bridge officer. Her fingers danced across the touch screen of her computer terminal. It was lit. Her use of everyone's vision made her aware of that but her fingers were actually dancing across the special raised braille of the improved flow screen. She swiped and the braille moved thus. She continued feeling about. "All systems operating nominally Captain."

Toareth was at the medical station linked to her station in Sick Bay. She could see everything going on in both locales. "Sick Bay is situated. Medical is ready for anything thrown our way."
"Take us out." Grace boomed from her seat, she pulled out a PADD that was wedged down the side, of her beige seating so she could see all, hear all and know all. He had trust in her crew though not much trust but enough in their ability to perform their duties, though the eager days of exploration had withed away, Grace secretly couldn't wait for this assignment to be done so she could retire finally.

Ros was ready and he knew that the others were ready too. "Helm." He called out Ren, he heard goofy romantic stories about him from Jason and saw him in their command & control classes but personally, he didn't know much. That was going to change on this mission. "Punch our course for Vulcan space please," channelling his inner Capt Pike.

Ren's left antennae quirked forward and a sly grin appeared on his face. He fiddled with the controls beneath him, but almost by rote. He'd already programmed this 1,000 times in simulations. "Going to warp now," he intoned. There was perhaps a millisecond of hesitation that only he or an engineer would notice before the Stardancer went to warp. "On our way."

Ross's feet glided across the maroon carpet from the back of the bridge towards Captain Stark who sat like a Queen in the middle of the bustling, beeping and alive bridge he continued. "Ops," she knew nothing about this cadet, Aenardha was a sophomore though very beautiful because of the upcoming war, Starfleet had a manpower issue and needed everyone it could spare. "Clear our course with Station Operations and request permission to depart."

Aenardha's fingers danced across the screen of her terminal, feeling along the braille with expert precision. Tap. Tap. Swipe. Another tap later, and, "request sent captain." It took only a second for a return bleep. "Approved captain. We are clear to depart."

Spinning on the spot like a whirlwind, facing the young Frenchmen back. "Cadet Rouen," awaiting for him to turn around before issuing any commands. "Please schedule random tactical and security drills for when we are clear of the Sol System, please. Best we're prepared for pirates, I'll leave the program to your choice." Giving a gentle smile, René had a reputation on the hallowed grounds of the Acadmeny that he was a master swordsman. A fine choice for an away mission.

René glanced at Grace with a nod. "Schedule tactical and security drills, Aye." He had a few ideas. He checked the latest diagnostic tests and was satisfied that the targeting system was operating normally. "All tactical systems are optimal and the underway security patrols are I'm place."

"Doctor Darqa," Ros called out trying to find her in the mass of people on the bridge, once he located her, a mere 2 stations away from René he issued an order to her. "Inform Sickbay we're getting underway and that I would want a report on any crewmen with a chronic health concern." The grey-skinned Alien asked, he had few friends hence why he knew people only by rumours but the rumours that accompanied Toareth were always shredded in darkness.

"Aye captain," Toareth replied. She went to alert Jordan via the messaging system. All the while, she thought on how Ros did not need to know such things. Personnel wellness and functionality were supposed to be the concern of the first officer. The ship was to be the CO's concern. Then again, Toareth, through her empathy, could feel a sense of overachievement from Ros. He did have to perform in front of real Starfleet officers after all.

Stardancer's docking clamps were released, and thrusters engaged pushing her back from station keeping, she gently glided towards the space doors, the view screen was enabled and you could see the space doors un-coupling and separating starting. "STANDBY STARDANCER. REPEAT STANDBY STARDANCER." A booming voice overhead, quite clearly someone from Starbase 1 Operations Centre.

The main Ops console aboard the bridge lit up like a Christmas tree. The transporter systems were heating up, somebody was trying to come aboard.

"Captain," Aenardha spoke up. Her fingers speedily moved across her flow-braille screen. "Apologies. That hail overrode our systems. And..." her antennae stood erect, "...there is incoming transport from Starfleet Command." She was unable to override the sequence. "Shall I redirect the transport to the Bridge, sir?"

René placed one hand on his phaser. He contacted the security duty officer and ordered a security detail to the bridge.

As the bundle of security cadets had marched onto the bridge, Grace turned towards her Acting Security Officer. "Wise idea," She commended but it wasn't the best idea, still inside Starbase 1, the beating heart of the Federation, this was the safest place in the whole of the federation. Turning to face Aenardha, Grace stood up from her chair "Bring them aboard." She commanded

Aenardha went to work and rekeyed the transport sequence accordingly.

Blue lights covered the body of a humanoid that was in front of the main view screen. The lights stopped and all that stood was a Human boy, a child with brown hair and chocolaty brown eyes wearing the Starfleet gold uniform with 6 pips, a Captain's rank. He stood still, analyzing the room before locking eyes with Grace Stark. "Permission to come aboard ma'am?" He asked in a soft tone of voice.

"Granted," Grace said, her face beaming with light and joy, she slowly began to walk towards him, her weight slowing her down but not by much. "Acknowledge the transport, and resume our course." She commanded, and by now she stood in front of the child, looking down, she returned the smile, placing her arm on his shoulder. "Crew. May I present Captain Von Klinkerhoffen, Head of Counter Terrorism at Starfleet Security and my former Second Officer."

"Former Head of CT," The child piped in "We have much to talk about Grace," He whispered to her. The Federation was going to war, Grace was an excellent commander in the USP-Cardissan Boarder wars who now wished to retire. This was their last attempt, sending an old friend to recruit an old Captain back into the fight.


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