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Captain Erich Von Klinkerhoffen

Name Erich Von Klinkerhoffen

Position Observer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Onlies
Age 438 Human Years | 11 Onlies Years

Physical Appearance

Height 4'8
Weight 78.5 lb.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Brother(s) Hildebert Von Klinkerhoffen
440 Human Years | 11 Onlies Years
Film Director for Vulcan Broadcaster

Personality & Traits

General Overview Erich is gentle, Impersonal and big-headed. He is regarded as competent, and mediocre at what he does. He can be optimistic, always looking at the bright side of life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths



Socially Clueless


Personal History Born in Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein, he would be enrolled into the Eugenics program in 1960. The records of his parents are unknown but he has an older brother Hildbert.

For hundreds of years, he played. His favourite games were Hide & Seek and Hunt. When the Other Earth was settled by United Earth, Erich was taught basic education and later wander the galaxy.

He would finally settle down by joining Starfleet, wanting to "grow up." Studying at United Earth campus, it was strange being on the same world but not the same world at the same time.

He served as a jr security officer aboard his cadet cruise in turn he would work at the Federation Spaceport @ Pi Pavonis VII. As an officer he would lead a team of 2-3 enlisted people, he quickly proved himself by noticing a wanted person. He would be promoted in '35 for performance after stopping exotic animal smuggling, something that never happened at the spaceport before.

He had orders to report to the newly constructed starship, USS Stardancer for her first voyage, as Assistant Tactical Officer he wasn't on newly discovered planets, always checking phaser arrays and control systems.

Nothing interesting happened aboard Stardancer and again Starfleet moved him elsewhere per the request of Captain Simion Green of the USS Dallas, the USS Dallas was an Ambassador starship, older than Stardancer was. He was in charge of protecting the crew from any danger, he would be promoted to a full Lt for strategist firing of the phaser arrays.

Erich wanted to see what Stardancer still had to offer, his boss had left the crew and Erich was shortlisted for the position later accepted aboard. Although during the UFP-Cardissan border wars, the mood was high, Erich would go to undertake the Bridge Officer test and assume the duties of 2XO.

Stardancer duties had changed, and so did Erich's he would be transferred to Adhara V where he would head the Counter-Piracy unit under the rank of Commander. He just drew up plans and investigated piracy claims.

Again he was transferred, tried of not having a say in where he went but he put up with up. With first contact with the Dominion, they wanted someone who had the experience of Front Line plus admin, Erich would be promoted and have a much larger portfolio, and he would create plans to invade the Cardassian Union... Just in case, as relations with the Dominion worsened, Erich was dismissed from his duties.

Not wanting command of a ship, there wasn't much Erich could do, when Counter Terrorism opened up, he would be given the role, of keeping an eye on Dominion espionage activities.

Captain Grace Stark of the USS Stardancer did not want to transfer command and take command of a warship, she wanted to retire. A favour was pulled and Erich was called in to observe her but unofficially convince her to remain in Starfleet.
Service Record 2329 - 2333
United Earth
Starfleet Academy
Major: Security & Tactical

2333 - 2335
Sector 773
Pi Pavonis VII
Federation Spaceport
Security Officer
Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade

2335 - 2340
USS Stardancer
Assistant Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant Junior Grade

2340 - 2347
USS Dallas
Chief Security & Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant

2347 - 2355
USS Stardancer
Chief Security & Tactical Officer
Lieutenant - Lieutenant

2355 - 2366
USS Stardancer
Second Officer & Chief Security & Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Commander - Commander

2366 - 2369
Sector 2883
Adhara V
Head of Counter-Piracy
Commander - Captain

2369 - 2371
United Earth
Starfleet HQ
Fleet Operations Center
Security Department
Head of Starfleet Security Front Line Operations
Captain - Captain

2371 - 2373
United Earth
Starfleet HQ
Fleet Operations Center
Security Department
Head of Counter Terrorism
Captain - Captain

2373 - Present
USS Stardancer
Captain - Present