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Cadet Senior Grade Donto Ros

Name Donto Ros

Position Acting Commanding Officer

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species ½ Bajoran, ½ Cardissan
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 210
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Don is of average height with grey skin and Bajoran ridges across his nose with long curly brown hair spanning down towards his neck and parting from his ears.


Father Gul Atel Jod of the Cardassian Union - Formally the leader of a security detail, after the occupation however, his fate is unknown.
Mother Donto Parde - the former mistress to Gul Jod who commanded a security team in the Tozhat Province in Bajor. Currently she is drifting between jobs.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Donto is a careful and strategic person, he doesn't like to see people hurt and has a dislike of militarist people or governments. But if he needs him to be something else then he’ll become that.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength
+ Careful
+ Strategic
+ Fast runner

+/- Field Medic

- Dislikes militarist people
- Cares too much
- Soft
Ambitions Be the best he can be.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
Running and hiking


Personal History Donton was the illegitimate child of Gul Jod brought up in the Bajoran occupation. Don's mother, Parde raised him, teaching him how to read and write and to respect the Cardassian Union, as a child he worked for them running messages between security outposts. By the time he reached teenhood, his eyes were opened when he returned home to see Gul Jod assault Parde, driving him to join the Bajoran Resistance.

Aged 15, he leaked the security messages he was running between outposts to the public hoping the info would be useful to the Resistance, the more he did it the more heat that was on him until a Bajoran Agent recruited him, the heat died down when the blame was put onto a Junior Cardissan Officer.

When the Cardissan Order retreated off Bajor, Donto rejoiced that his work might have been small but he felt as if he had a tiny part in helping. He considered joining the Bajoran Militia but thought of them as a disorganised organisation full of hatred for Allies & Rivals. He worked as a Server in a local Bajoran restaurant but he felt as if there wasn’t anything left for him on Bajor, his mother had turned into a depressed wreck after Gul Jod departed and almost all of Don's friends were dead.

Don joined Starfleet as a last result to save his life, applying at the last week of enrollment, he took command & control because he wanted to be a better, more nicer Gul Jod and Strategic Ops to honour the memory of those in the Resistance.
The Academy was a nicer place than Bajor, he started making friends inside and out of his class, despite being his first education in a classroom, Don achieved the top grades in class, most of the time.

By his Junior year, he was offered to take part in the field medicine class, later being certified then later in the year, his friend Rebecca Blueberry who was majoring in Security, encouraged him to take the advanced phaser class which he did, earning a certificate in that area.

In his senior year, he collected his cadet cruise assignment. The first officer, he was so proud and looked to protect the crew as a whole.
Service Record 2356 - 2366
Occupation of Bajor
Cardissan Message Runner

2366 - 2369
Occupation of Bajor
Cardissan Message Runner
(Supplied messages to the Bajoran Resistance)

2369 - 2373
Starfleet Academy
Major: Command & Control
Minor: Strategic Operations
Certificated in Advanced phaser combat and field medicine.

2373 - 2373
USS Stardancer
Executive Officer
Cadet Senior Grade - Present

2373 - Present
USS Stardancer
Acting Commanding Officer
Cadet Senior Grade - Present