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Captain Grace Stark

Name Grace Stark

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 73

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Hair Color Ginger + Grey streaks
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Grace Stark is an obese woman with orange hair and white streaks, green eyes and fair skin.


Spouse Gideon Tudor - Deceased as of 2363, death by old age (aged 63). He was a socialite in English upper society but taught secondary education. He met Grace at a cocktail party in London in 2324, they would have an on and off relationship until they married in 2325. He now is the former husband of Captain Grace Stark after filing for divorce in 2339 after committing adultery. Gideon & Grace did not remain in contact following their divorce but she appeared for his funeral following a request in his will.
Children Captain Ian Tudor - 49 Male Human, son of Gideon & Grace, twin brother to Zacharias, holds a major in Nursing and is currently the commanding officer of the USS T’Pol as of 2373.

Captain Zacharias Tudor - 49 Male Human son of Gideon & Grace, twin brother to Ian, holds a major in command & control and is currently serving at the pleasure of the vice president of the United Federations of Planets as National Security advisor.

Captain Anneliese Tudor - 47 Female Human son of Gideon & Grace, sister to Ian & Zacharias, holds a major in engineering and is serving as Commanding Officer of Antares ShipYards.
Father Vincent Stark, Dtour - 91 Male human who is a socialite in English upper society, he holds a doctorate in Tourism.
Mother Elaine Stark, DPA - 91 Female Human who is a socialite in English upper society, she holds a doctorate in Public Administration and is a guest lecturer at Oxford University.
Other Family 18 Grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren

Personality & Traits

General Overview Captain Stark holds high standards for those who serve under her command. She can be perceived as aggressive, rude and authorian although she is very energetic by the problems she foresees and can inspire people to complete the task at hand.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength



Poor Handling of Emotions
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies






Service Record 2317 - 2321
Starfleet Academy
Major Medicine (Pathology)
Minor Biochemistry

2321 - 2324
Starfleet Medical
Jr Pathologist
Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade

2322 - Completed the Bridge Officer's Test in 2 attempts

2324 - 2327
Starfleet R&D
Operation Hidden Lilly
Medical Researcher
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant

2327 - 2330
Outpost Q-3
Operation Hidden Lilly
Chief Medical Research Officer
Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander

2330 - 2332
USS Hidden Lilly
Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander - Commander

2332 - 2335
Commanding Officer
Commander - Captain

2332 Applied to Command flagship Enterprise-C - Runner up.

2335 - Present
USS Stardancer
Commanding Officer
Captain - Present