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Cadet Senior Grade Bellona Juventus

Name Bellona Aurelia Juventus

Position Security Officer

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Magna Romani
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Fiery red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Bellona is a fierce, regal presence in any room she happens to be in, with her looks, muscular build and fiery red hair. Some have compared her to the goddess for whom she is named; not once has she tried to rebut this claim. She can rarely be seen out of uniform; when she is, one can see the remnants of scars lining her arms. At such times she is partial to tank tops, jeans and jackets which she usually leaves unzipped.


Spouse None. Bellona intends never to marry - though she is open to the idea of relationships.
Children None
Father Gaius Octavius Juventa (estranged)
Mother Fulvinia Minerva Juventa
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family None that she knows of save the trainer who liberated her from the oppressive life of fighting underground gladiator matches.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bellona is extremely honor and duty driven, believing firmly that a Starfleet officer, or at least a Starfleet officer to be, ought to behave as such at all times. She can rarely be found socializing with her fellow cadets, choosing instead to take on late shifts in order to better focus on her work rather than being bothered by their shenanigans, which she views merely as distractions and unbecoming conduct and has no issue voicing her opinions on this to her instructors and fellow cadets. Whether this is truly the case, or if it was because she was not properly socialized as a child is unknown, and she refuses to consider it an issue. She refuses adamantly to drink for the very same reason, citing the need to remain at full readiness at all times should she need to perform her duties at the drop of a hat.

Even when not training she can be found in holodecks or, in the absence of such, in gymnasiums honing her mettle against sandbags or holographic opponents, if available.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Extremely duty and honor bound
+ Stoic
+ Motivated

- Competitive
- Not the best at socializing
- Minimal, if not no sense of humor
- Almost all work and no play
- Doesn't really care if she overexerts herself to get something done
Ambitions * Become a starship captain one day.
* Abolish the underground fighting ring on Magna Roma.
* Carry out her duty.
Hobbies & Interests * Sparring
* Her duties
* Poetry - though she refuses to let anyone know this about her and becomes extremely defensive and standoffish if questioned about it.

Personal History Bellona never met her father. She was raised alone by her Magna Roman mother, who would always refuse to speak of him.

Speaking of upbringing, if only the young woman knew that she would be practically be raised for the gladiatorial arena, which had evolved from its lethal past incarnation but required no less effort to train for. As soon as she was old enough her training consisting mostly of combat fitness and tactics began, beginning at dawn and not stopping till well after the sun had set.

Her mother was determined to have her daughter be far more than just an excellent gladiator, however; she wanted her to be smart and attractive too as was of equal importance in the modern Magna Roman world, and invested much time and a considerable portion of her wealth into her daughter's diet and education, sending her to the best schools the Republic could offer and, if possible, having her read up extensively on any topic she felt was necessary. Cassia would be tested on her reading, too, and often be punished for her mistakes.

If only that would be the end of it.

As it turned out Bellona's trainer was an unscrupulous man, too; some Magna Romans preferred the old kind of gladiatorial fight: bloody and to the death, and organizing them paid handsomely. He had no issues with forcing his trainees to fight in such underground arenas, especially those he deemed weaker and less capable than their peers. Bellona was not spared; if anything she was forced to fight even more often than her friends - and she did so knowing that to not do so would cost her her life. It was as such that she had to force herself behind a stony-faced facade as she slit the throat or stabbed the heart of her opponents.

Needless to say this was an absolutely stifling lifestyle for anyone to have imposed on them and eventually she decided that she hated feeling so constrained, and that she no longer wanted to fight in such dirty battles. She intimated her desire to leave to one of her more sympathetic trainers and, with his help, was able to escape Magna Roma on a civilian vessel bound for Earth and settle down in Cambridge on Earth aged twenty-one.

Her desire to join Starfleet was ignited when she first came across the local recruitment centre in her neighbourhood, and things only grew from there.

She would carry her gladiator's sense of pride and honor with her into Starfleet Academy, going on to tackle her classes and training with the same vigor and ferocity she would tackle her matches with. Where she found herself lacking, she would simply work at until she'd caught up with her classmates and gone beyond even then. She would go on to receive the Academy Commandant's Coin for training excellence.
Service Record 2373-present: Cadet, Starfleet Academy

2373: Received the Academy Commandant's Coin for training excellence

2372: Named Best Trainee in her batch's Survival Tactics training course

2372: Appointed captain of the Academy's track and field team